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The Berkshire National Fish Hatchery Foundation believes that many people are concerned about watersheds, ecosystems and fish, and that they want to be involved and learn to become better stewards of their natural resources. The Foundation seeks to identify and deliver educational projects, raise funds, and work jointly with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service to maintain, protect and improve fish populations, habitat, watersheds and ecosystems through increased public awareness, appreciation and understanding of the benefits of conservation of these important natural resources. We recognize the importance of recreational fishing to the nation's economy and the contributions made by both anglers and the general public to the conservation of the nation's fishery resources. We support a balanced approach to recreational fishing and recognize that there is a growing public demand for fishing, hunting, wildlife viewing and other wildlife related outdoor recreation. It is our goal to try and protect them.

The Foundation works in cooperation with the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) to support research and development of fish species and health and  the Lower Great Lakes Salmon Program. In March 2007 the Berkshire Hatchery was recognized in the nation's capital as the only federal fish hatchery to be run completely by volunteer staff. The Hatchery has also been honored by the Connecticut River Salmon Restoration Association for its participation in the program to reintroduce Atlantic Salmon into the Connecticut River system - a program that continues.

              The Hatchery is located on Hatchery Rd in the village of Hartsville-New Marlborough and is open most days from 9 - 4 (please come by 3:30 at the latest if you would like a tour).


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