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In March 2007 New Marlborough's Berkshire Fish Hatchery was recognized at a ceremony held in Washington, D.C. Members of the Hatchery Foundation were given a Certificate of Appreciation by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service and recognized for their role in the first and only all-volunteer operated federal fish hatchery in the nation. A core group of Foundation members come up to the Hatchery on a daily basis - feeding fish, cleaning tanks, collecting data, mowing the lawn, fixing buildings and doing anything else that needs to be done.


Bill Archambault, US Fish andd Widlife Deputy Fisheries Director
.Henry Bouchard, US Fish & Wildlife regional manager, manages the Dwight D. Eisenhower Hatchery in North Chittendon, VT
Jeffrey Mosher, US Fish & Wildlife is the Hatchery Manager and is supported by volunteers

George Emmons

President and Treasurer of the Board of Directors of  the Hatchery Foundation, George is a retired businessman who has been a member of the Izaak Walton League, and is a Trustee on the Board of Directors for the Bidwell House museum in Monterey. In addition, he writes for a number of newspapers and even contributes his own artwork.

  Tom Reeves, Hatchery facility upkeep and maintenance
  David Ziegler, Butternut Basin & Otis Ridge Operations Supports the Lobster Fest, the key fund raising event.
  Melissa Hamm, Commonwealth of Massachusetts  Environmental Police Officer is an advisor, particularly in reference to the trails and property.
  Eugene Chague, Berkshire eagle Sport s column writer
  Bart Miller, Gould farm board member and fly fisherman
  Mark Belina, Otis, sport fisherman and volunteer.
Volunteer LeRoy Thorpe counts salmon fry during inventory. Looking on are (volunteer) John Doelman and (workamper) Leita Berlin.   Volunteer Keith Janwich fixing and sealing windows in preparation for winter.
Volunteers Phil Gunzinger, LeRoy Thorpe and Keith Janwich weighing brook trout during the monthly inventory.